Roscoe Woodstock Antique Mall is a 22-year evolution involving many people whose hearts found a home in the antique world. Started as Roscoe Antique Mall in 1998 in Roscoe, IL by Dennis & Gaylene Stomberg, a couple hoping to make a living doing something they loved. Their goal was a quality mall, which offered true antiques in attractive displays, which were always changing to keep the mall exciting for the customers. These principals, along with the help of many experienced antique dealers/friends, made the business grow. In 2003 they were given the opportunity to move to a larger more accessible location 4-miles north in South Beloit. Adapting and changing the name to Roscoe Antique Mall of South Beloit, the business continued on a successful trajectory offering our customers not only exceptional merchandise but also some fabulous “Dealer Collection” displays, antique classes, and fun annual promotions.

In 2013 Dennis passed away and Gaylene continued the mall with the help of her very dedicated staff. Ted London, a dealer at the mall since 2014, began to get involved with the buying and selling on behalf of the mall. His drive, eagerness and many years of experience in the antique world, gradually led him into helping Gaylene oversee the mall business and help shape its future. In 2016 a good friend and previous vendor, Amy Vece, decided to begin downsizing her own shop in Hampshire, IL and once again become a part of the RAM family, bringing great merchandise as well as assistance as a staff member, with “owner” experience. Late in 2017 Ted and Gaylene married and in early 2018, with the help of Amy and their staff, expanded their antique venture by acquiring the Colonial Antique Mall in Woodstock.

The Colonial Mall, stale and neglected after a 20-year run, was soon on its way to becoming new and improved as the Roscoe WOODSTOCK Antique Mall! This new location provided much more room for merchandise display, as well as a workshop for repairs and restorations. However, it had some obstacles that required a building improvements and updates, along with a change in the type of merchandise, to meet the standards of Roscoe Antique Mall. Luckily, the acquisition came with an experienced manager, Kathleen Woolley, who had been at Colonial for ten years. Knowing all the quirks of the building and familiar with the Woodstock area, she was an asset in the new venture. Having two malls also required adding more staff which, in our best interests, was filled by family. 😊 Ted’s daughter, Meredith Schipferling, left her home in Wisconsin to take over management at the Roscoe mall, bringing with her the knowledge gained growing up in antiques, along with vast retail and management experience. Also coming on board was Kristi Stomberg, Gaylene’s daughter, who had been around antiques for 20 years but was just now venturing into working in the business. After a year of “double duty” a decision was made that we would be more successful if we consolidated our staff and merchandise into the Woodstock location. This location gave us a larger reach of clientele, being closer to Chicagoland, and allowed us all to work together to make the Woodstock Mall be an “Over the Top Destination” for anyone interested in antiques.

Once the consolidation was complete, Meredith took on the position of General Manager, Kathleen continued as Floor Manager, Amy as Assistant Manager, and Kristi as Assistant Counter Staff . . . it is a great team. As Meredith and Kristi got relocated to the Woodstock area, we also acquired Morrison, Meredith’s son as part-time sales staff. He is the best 17-year-old salesman you will ever meet . . . he has a lot of his Grandpa in him. 😊 In addition, Ted’s mother, JoAnn, also relocated to Woodstock and you will often find her shopping or helping out in the store . . . making this not only a family business, but a “Four Generation Operation”!!!

The Roscoe Woodstock Antique Mall boasts the same great quality and displays that have always been a part of this evolution, however we have the added attraction of a whole section related to “Game Room Items”. This reflects Ted’s passion and 55+ year journey in the antique business . . . where his focus has always been on antique slot machines and coin-op items. We have quickly become one of the largest dealers in antique slot machines in the country and our repair and restoration business has grown by leaps and bounds. In addition, we always have jukeboxes, pinballs, bowling machines, etc available . . . everything you need for a one-of-a-kind game room. The operation that started as the dream of two people has encompassed many people/generations and evolved successfully to become a “jewel” in the antique world! I think this qualifies as a great success story of small business in America . . . one that survived due to the hard work and passion of everyone involved. Come see us . . . we would love to share what we have accomplished with you!